Who we are ?

DECLIC SAFETY offers targeted consulting services on Operations, performance improvement, and on-the-ground management support for the fast-moving consumer 

  • goods industry and the hospitality industry in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East..



Our extensive experience in the industrial and service sectors
worldwide makes us privileged partners for any questions related to organization,
operations, and workplace safety.

Rose Bakri

  • Présidente 
  • Senior Consultant
  • Co-founder
Rose Bakri Présidente Declic Safety Consultant Senior Co-fondateur

Rose, a graduate engineer in agro-industry, embarked on her journey in 1990 in the catering industry as a Methods Manager. After earning an MBA in Finance, she expanded her scope by collaborating with renowned companies such as Danfoss, Pizza Hut, Danone, and Louvre Hotels, both in France and the Middle East and Africa.

Beyond her dedication to achieving operational excellence on a daily basis, Rose chose to highlight the true driver of entrepreneurial success: the human factor! Holding a master’s degree in Industrial Psychology, she focused on preventing psychosocial risks, particularly in the automotive sector. As an independent consultant, she brought her methodological expertise and managerial training know-how to rapidly growing companies.

Currently leading the operations of the Golden Tulip brand in Africa, Rose orchestrates the implementation of the strategy by maintaining a daily relationship with investors in a multicultural environment.

Beyond her rich professional background, Rose has developed innovative training modules aimed at enhancing the professionalism of operational managers and executives. Her mission is to reconcile economic performance, individual behaviors (especially in terms of safety and performance), and underlying psychological concepts. With a modern and visionary approach, Rose is committed to creating synergies between business success and human well-being at the heart of the enterprise.

Reechad Benyahia

  • Co-founder
  • General Manager
Reechad Benyahia Co-fondateur Declic Safety Directeur Général,

Reechad, an agri-food engineer with an MBA in finance, boasts over 30 years of experience as a consultant and executive in renowned companies such as Danone, Mondelez International, Cevital, and Charal. Having held diverse positions ranging from engineering to operations management, he has overseen more than 35 factories across Europe.

An expert in industrial organization, Reechad has played a pivotal role in shaping global operational strategies, with a focus on supply chain, manufacturing, safety, and environmental aspects. Leveraging his skills in Lean 6 Sigma, he has led international teams, making significant contributions to enhancing operational performance.

As a co-founder of Declic Safety, an established company for the past 10 years, Reechad has merged his technical expertise with a passion for human development. He brings a modern and comprehensive approach, integrating his experience in engineering, MBA in finance, and Lean 6 Sigma coaching skills.”