Our expertise is based on a continuous relationship
with industrial groups and mid-sized companies.
Our specialists are passionate about continuous improvement and focused on transforming operations.

We are an Operations consulting firm, with a network of international experts on various topics.
Our vocation is to accompany organizations in developing the skills of employees and improving the performance of their operations.

Safety of People and Property

The approach of DECLIC SAFETY encompasses three axes:

  • leadership development through team and executive training.
  • executive training.
  • lexecutive training.

Supply Chain Operations

Human as the driver of performance, and technology as an essential support for the competitiveness of organizations.

Industrial Strategy

The primary mission is the development of a performance development strategy based on the strategic analysis of the company, ensuring the right alignment between products and markets to adjust operational performance to its expectations.

Operational Excellence

We support these approaches adopted by our clients to maximize performance in terms of productivity, quality, and cost reduction.


This concept is fundamental to optimize the cost of resources and production factors deployed to seek potential production gains and value creation in the transformation chain.


Optimizing the supply chain and transformation chain involves establishing an organization based on skills, a system, and a robust, flexible, and learning managerial organization.

Supply chain

Improving the performance, efficiency, and competitiveness of the company inevitably involves optimizing the supply chain.

Risk management

DECLIC SAFETY helps you identify your challenges related to risk management earlier and faster, not only to address your current risks but also to anticipate future challenges.


We support the digitization of industries and the changes it implies: 

  •  implementation of strategy,
  • decision-making
  • organization audit.

Leadership Development

We have developed leadership consulting services to meet the needs of clients who want to improve leaders’ ability to deliver sustainable results and value to key stakeholders.

Operations Management in the
Hospitality Sector

DECLIC SAFETY develops training and coaching modules to raise awareness of safety, based on the leader’s attitude and psychological principles.